What is Self Storage

Common terms: storage locker, self service storage, storage units, and storage facility.

It’s an industry for storage space like containers, rooms, and lockers which is rented by tenants on a short-term or long-term basis. The storage facilities universally accept leases from businesses that often store their archived reports and inventories, and to the individuals that typically store their household goods. 

The storage facilities offer packing and loading services along with the boxes, packaging supplies, and locks. The tenants should have less worry as the storage facilities and units employees gain no access to their leased space. The tenants naturally have sole possession and direct access to their storage space. The majority of storage facilities often offer corrugated metal storage units (galvanized iron or steel) with a roll-up metal door, and it is windowless. 

There is a controlled-access storage facility that imposed security features like guards, CCTV cameras, biometric thumbprint or hand scanners, keypad or proximity card, alarm system, lights and power outlets inside the storage, amenities that are exceptional from their competitors.

Packaging and Loading Services
The prospect tenants have possible options, either they carefully pack the items or the self storage facilities will administer the packaging.

How to effectively pack things for storage units

  • Prepare a durable and sturdy carton or plastic containers for your household goods.
  • Prepare a packing tape, scissor, and permanent marker.
  • Prepare twist ties or typical ties used in grocery stores.
  • Initiate packing from each room. 
    • Write a comprehensive label for each box.
    • Make sure that the heavy objects are being placed at the bottom of the box.

Examples of an imperative and effective box label are:

  • Room 1 – Jane’s Book 
  • Room 1 – Jane’s clothes
  • Room 1 – Jane’s drawing materials
  • Room 2 – John’s shoes
  • Room 2 – John’s electronic equipment
  • Room 2 – John’s clothes
  • Kitchen
  • Living room

You may accurately label the boxes through subsections when necessary.

Administer a thorough packaging of items and label it properly for easy loading and unloading of boxes and hassle-free of tracing for something. 

  • Fragile objects – use protection for these valuables and wrap each item through or by:
    • Cushion
    • Bubblewrap
    • Unused papers

Example of fragile objects:

  • Drinking glasses
  • Plates
  • Artwork
  • Glass picture frames
  • Liquor and wine bottles
  • Lampshades
  • Mirrors
  • Books

Now, mark the box with the text “FRAGILE.” 

           Also, you may label the boxes through subsections when necessary.

  • For furnishings, cover it with a linen or mattress covers and tie it.
  • For gadgets and other electronic equipment, utilise its original box and packaging but if it not available you may use bubble wraps and diligently place it in the box.

Loading and unloading services are hard and require diligence and proper training, efficient transportation and equipment maneuver.

Pleasant climate control storage units

Climate control storage units are always safe when leasing space as it carefully regulates the proper temperature. Tenants are suggested to avail this type of storage when their items include:

  • Books – protects against molds build-up
  • Elegant furniture made of valuable wood and genuine leather
  • Gadgets and electronic equipment – evade internal damage and molds build-up
  • Precious clothes
  • Entertainment essentials
  • Musical instruments
  • Delicious wines


In most cases, the tenant is able to obtain insurance, however, you have to pay for it. If you own a home and already have home insurance, you may be unrequired to have an insurance for the stored items. There are home insurance policies that may cover the cherished possessions it also comprises precious belongings stored away from the property. 

Why it is necessary to use self storage?

In every typical day of our dear life, we naturally tend to acquire and collect things that fall to these distinct categories; functional and sentimental. Storage units are exceptional for keeping the object intact and safe on the items we don’t want to throw away but justly deserve to be carefully kept. More importantly, these methods also lessen the clutter at lovely homes and creating free spaces; furthermore, it produces peace of mind.

Key Takeaway

When choosing a self storage facility for your valuables, insure that everything you typically need for safekeeping they can properly provide it. Wisely let your confusion be satisfactorily answered, do not hesitate to politely ask the facility with regards to something. 

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